Messages from Spirit


Rev. David Scott, Brandie Chrisman

and Cindy Kay Jones  

Friday, August 9 , 2019, 7:30pm
Enchanted Energy Haven 
209 W. Jefferson Street 
Waxahachie, Texas 75165


An amazing collaboration you DON’T want to miss. Join Evidential Medium David Scott, Animal Communicator/Evidential Medium Cindy Kay Jones and Evidential Medium Brandie Chrisman for a powerful evening of spirit communication. Each medium will demonstrate their unique approach of spirit communication to bring you messages from your loved ones in spirit and your fur babies both on this side and the other side.

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***Please be aware that not everyone in attendance will receive a message from spirit. Mediumship is an experimental process and only those souls who wish to communicate with their loved ones and are willing to make a connection with either David, Brandie or Cindy will come forward.
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 Progressive Mediumship Development Circle

Facilitated by Rev. David Scott

This circle is designed for beginners as well as those that have been progressing in their mediumship. This circle will meet once a month on the 3rd Thursday of each month in Fort Worth, Texas. Students will be asked to commit to a year of progressive development. Lesson's will begin with the basics and progress over a 12 month period. Students will also be encouraged to work outside of the class as well on their development. If you feel you are just beginning or advancing in your mediumship and are willing to progress and work to "fine tune" your evidence from the spirit world, this circle will be for you. Once you contact David with an interest in attending, he will arrange a telephone discussion to determine if this circle is appropriate for you. The foundation for this circle will be active mental mediumship based on the principles of Spiritualism. We will work to bring forth evidence to prove survival after death. Once the evidence is validated, then you will work to bring the message that spirit has for the person receiving the information. We will also work to fine tune the mechanics of "sitting in the power" which is essential for the progressive medium.  Mediumship is about experimenting so therefore, many types of exercises will be done to assist the medium in connecting with spirit.  Mediumship is not just about giving messages.  It's building a relationship with the spirit world. Please be aware that we will not be doing trance mediumship, channeling nor producing physical phenomenon in this circle. We also do not discuss paranormal phenomenon. As the lessons progress, other's will be invited to attend as "sitters" for the mediums that are working. 
Students are urged to share their experiences with others which will nurture a positive learning experience. This circle will be done in an environment of love, caring and team work.

Progressive learning will introduce the following to the student:
Tenants and ethics of mediumship
The power of the spirit and the necessity for working with this power
Working with the psychic faculty vs. the mediumistic faculty
Working with and defining the evidence
Symbology in mediumship
Philosophy and Inspiration
Understanding the "emotional" side to spirit and how to connect to it
Doing private sittings
​Working on the platform/in a gallery

A $50 deposit will be required from the student when they enroll to show their commitment to the year period. Following this, each lesson will be $20 payable through PayPal prior to the session. Cancellation of enrollment two weeks prior or less of the start of the program will result in a forfeiture of the $50 deposit.

This circle is now full for 2019! Please watch for weekend workshops in Dallas/Fort Worth and other cities!


Public Events & Workshops

I am now utilizing "Google Calendar" to publicize my public events and workshops. Click the event title on the date for more information.  Due to my ethics regarding privacy, information regarding personal sittings prearranged directly with me will not be displayed or scheduled through this calendar. Also, I will NEVER share the contents and details of personal sittings in a public forum or within social media! To schedule a private session, contact me via email on my contacts page. For detailed information regarding a public event, click on the event name in the date specified:

Exploring Your Intuitive Self  

A One-Day Workshop for Beginners

Enchanted Energy Haven 
209 W. Jefferson Street 
Waxahachie, Texas 75165

Join Evidential Medium David Scott, Evidential Medium Brandie Chrisman and Animal Communicator/Intuitive Medium Cindy Kay Jones for a jam packed, one day workshop.

Each tutor will teach about intuition, spirit communication and animal communication. Step by step they will take you into the mystical world of the intuitive self and how to use that to communicate with spirits both on this side and other side of the veil. The mixture of lectures and exercises will take you that much closer to discovering and nurturing your OWN gifts.

With nearly thirty years of experience between the three this is a day that you DO NOT want to miss.

​Participation is limited to 12 students per workshop. This course is for beginners. No professional mediums please! The course is aimed at those who have an interest in exploring and developing the discipline of the course content. Suitable students may have some intuitive awareness and/or awarness of spirit and may even have felt able to give some level of evidence of survival, but this is not essential.  The cost for this program is $150.00.  A minimum deposit of $75.00 is necessary to secure space with the remaining balance due on or before the day of the workshop.  Cancellations two weeks or less before the program begins will result in a forfeiture of the deposit. 

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