Below is a list of the types of sittings available with David and their associated fees:

  • 30 Minute Sitting = $75.00: In 30 minutes David can do a "mediumship" sitting where he will attempt to connect to your loved ones to bring you evidence of their survival with a message.  He can also do a "psychic" reading where he will connect with your personal energy to talk about pertinent and relevant things that are going on in your life.  He may employ the use of oracle/tarot cards for a psychic reading.  He can also do what is called a "spiritual assessment" where he will connect with your guides and give information to assist you with your spiritual journey. 

  • 60 Minute Sitting = $130.00:  David can combine two or possibly all three of the above listed types of sittings for 60 minutes. 

***David also takes appointments via SKYPE if the client has this capability and a SKYPE account. 

To schedule an appointment with David or to discuss fees associated with group sittings or paranormal investigations,  please visit his "contacts" page and send him an email through the email form.  Thank you.   

What to expect in a sitting with Rev. David Scott

David is what is called an "evidential medium".  Essentially, his job is to link with the spirit world with the aim of providing you with evidence that your "dead" family member or friend survived beyond physical death.  David works in a variety of ways.  He may see the spirit communicator (clairvoyance); hear the communicator (clairaudience); and sense the communicator (clairsentience).  In some instances he will offer all three.  The evidence may consist of any or all of the following: 

  • A description of your loved one
  • Information about how they died
  • Their relationship to you
  • Memories of their earthly life
  • Names, dates and places of significance
  • Information indicating their knowledge of your current circumstances


What David doesn't do is summon the dead.  The dead come (or don't come) entirely of their own free will.  Therefore, no medium can ever guarantee that a particular spirit person you may be hoping to hear from will turn up for your sitting.  If any medium tells you they can do this, grab your coat and head for the door.  Second, mediums are not fortune tellers.  It's not their job to tell you whether/when you're going to meet the man/woman of your dreams, land that new job or win the lottery.  David does however also offer what is called a "psychic" reading which may cover these types of questions. 


Of course it's David that has to do the work, but there are ways you can increase your chances of him giving you a meaningful and successful sitting.  Go with an open mind.  You don't have to be a "believer", a degree of skepticism is fine, but do your best to be honest in your responses.  David won't require anything other than a "yes", "no", or an "I don't know" from you.  And never say "yes" just to please him - it's his job to get it right.  David will only ask questions on a piece of evidence already given if necessary to gain more clarity.  If a medium asks you a lot of questions, they are probably doing what is called "cold reading" which is gaining information about you to guess or speculate the true information.  David asks that you don't give personal information about yourself or your spirit loved ones.  All reputable mediums prefer to know as little as possible about their sitters, and there's a good reason for that.  Suppose your spirit communicator is a Mom or Dad who wants to demonstrate their identity by giving their name. If you've let it slip to the medium beforehand, Mom or Dad's effort has been in vain - the evidence has been compromised because the medium had advance knowledge of it.  So for your sake and David's (not to mention your spirit communicator's), give nothing away.  That way, you'll preserve the integrity of any evidence that comes.    

How would I benefit from an Intuitive Medium ?

Our lives are made up of urgent needs and desires, confusion and often broken dreams. Many people feel they have ‘lost their way’ and that life is meaningless. Religion is declining as a source of inspiration as people, disillusioned with the constraints of church, seek fulfillment elsewhere. Mediums can help people find their way, regain their reason for living, heal relationships and deal with the emotional limitations that are holding them back.  

How do Intuitive Mediums work ?

Mediums have a talent for thought-based intuition. They use meditation, visualization and other calming techniques to slow the mind and physical processes. This will alter the medium’s perception and raise their awareness to a higher, more subtle frequency. They receive signals of energy from the spirit world, spirit guides and those among the living that have an important message. They translate these messages into language and may offer advice and interpretation as well.

What is an Intuitive Medium ?

Mediums are people with highly developed intuitive abilities who are able to perceive information, states and situations that most people, using the five senses, cannot. Mediums connect with the unseen world of energy that exists both around, in and out of the seen world of matter. Dedicated mediums devote their lives to helping others who become lost and unhappy. Deeply sensitive and empathetic to our energies, they are fulfilled in assisting the lonely, lost or disillusioned to find their way back to their life path.

Ministerial Services

David also offers ministerial services such as spiritual counseling, officiating weddings & funerals and house blessings.  David earned a Ministerial Bachelor's Degree from the American Institute of Holistic Theology (soon to be the "Institute of Interfaith and Holistic Theology".  Website under re-construction).   

If you would like to contact David about ministerial services,  please visit his "contacts" page and send him an email through the email form.  Thank you.